Structural Analysis and Design

Structural analysis and design involves calculating how a building structure will react to seismic loads and other forces. Through the application of mathematics, our team of structural engineers can evaluate the stability and safety of a building design. This process helps to determine the load effects on the structure and ensure that it meets safety building code standards.

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we believe thatand integrated structural design is an essentialuccessful building project. Our structural design services can be applied to a variety of projects, including new residential or commercial building designs, building remodels, and additions. We also offer our services for existing building structures thats. a well-planned aspect of any s require updates or modification

Structural Analysis and Design Consultants

On the West Coast of the United States

We have developed a close working relationship with Sam Biswas, a professional engineer, and his team at Eiffel Industries for more than a decade. Eiffel’s structural engineers provide a broad range of structural design and engineering services, ensuring our clients receive top-quality structural analysis and design that is incorporated into their projects. This ensures that their buildings are safe for occupants to work or live in.

Eiffel Industries-Structural Design-Rhino Floor-Ceiling Framing Plans

For our East Coast projects in the United States,

Dan’l Moulton PE is a highly skilled engineer with expertise in forensic engineering and civil and structural design. He has worked on a diverse range of projects up and down the eastern seaboard, showcasing his ability to deliver innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of each project. His attention to detail, technical knowledge, and commitment to quality have earned him a reputation as a trusted and reliable professional in the field of engineering.

We don’t just hand off our project designs to an engineer and expect them to figure everything out. Instead, we collaborate closely with our project engineers, regardless of their discipline, to ensure that every project we undertake results in construction plans that are feasible and practical for every contractor involved.

Myles McKenzie

For the past 30 years, Myles Nelson McKenzie Design has been designing buildings and interior spaces while incorporating structural analysis and design into every applicable project.