Structural Analysis and Design

Structural analysis and design determines the load effects of a building structure design. By the means of applied mathematics to compute a building structure’s reactions to seismic loads and other forces. Our team of structural engineers can analyze the stability and safety of a building design.

At Myles Nelson McKenzie Design, we feel the structural design integrated early in the project is a key part of any great building design. This service can be applied to either new building design, building remodels, or additions. Additionally, it also can be applied to existing as-built building structures.

Structural Analysis and Design Consultants

On the west coast of the United States

We have been working closely with Sam Biswas PE and his team of engineers from Eiffel Industries for over ten years.

Eiffel’s structural engineers offer an extensive range of structural design and engineering services. By this means, our clients receive the very best of structural analysis and design that is incorporated into their projects. Knowing that their building is safe to work or live in.

For our east coast projects in the United States,

The engineering specialties of Dan’l Moulton PE are in civil and structural design for projects up and down the eastern seaboard. 

As the practice of our business, we do not hand off our project designs and say, “Let the engineer work it out!” But rather, we work closely with our project engineers, no matter which discipline they operate in, on every project. Developing construction plans that are buildable for every contractor.

Myles McKenzie

For over the last thirty years, Myles Nelson McKenzie Design has been designing buildings and interior spaces. Incorporating structural analysis and design into every applicable project.