Why Milgard Windows for your Home or Remodel Project

Why Milgard Windows for your Home or Remodel Project

Why do we recommend Milgard windows to our clients for their new custom home or home remodel project that we design for them? Well, quite simple really. Milgard windows has been a recognize trusted window brand for over the past 50 years. Making fine quality window and door systems.

Our clients like their full lifetime warranty on their windows and patio doors. Each of their product lines comes in a variety of styles, colors and frame material options which provides a great deal of choices.

In Southern California, we have recommending their window and door systems since the early 1980s.

It’s custom design with Milgard windows!

Milgard windows provides windows and door design services that make it easy for us to incorporate their windows, patio door products to our exact project specifications. So in another words, custom made to order windows and doors to fit our project design. Rather then our design team developing a home design to fit the window and door manufacturers products.

From time to time, we have a need for additional product reference to fit our specific project case. Our Milgard architectural specification rep is available for our needs with resources and information to make our job easier. Pretty nice, wouldn’t you say! This also provides for our clients an better project design.

Another reason what we like about Milgard windows and doors, is that most of our design projects are built in the western United States and Canada. And they provide their products and services to those regions of the countries.

Contact us today at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design and let’s discuss together a new custom home design or home remodel project for you using Milgard Windows.

Click here, for Milgard window and doors product website.

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