Wood Framed Home Construction

Myles Nelson McKenzie Design-Design and Construction Plans for Wood Framed Home construction

For wood-framed home construction design, contact Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. We design and develop city or county approved construction plans for contractors, developers. Additionally, we also develop construction plans for private clients as well.

Drawings For Wood Framed Home Construction

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Wood Framed Home Construction-Construction Plans by Myles Nelson McKenzie Design

The main purpose of construction drawings for wood framed homes is to show how a project is to be built. Construction drawings are also called building plans, blueprints, construction docs or working drawings.

We provide plan specifications based upon the current building codes. The installation techniques and construction quality standards. Which are govern by the current and local building codes and dictate in many cases, the need for structural design.

We incorporated structural engineering or a plan review by our structural engineer into every set of our construction plans. This service provides a measure of safety for our clients and supersede minimum building requirements.

Our visual roadmap for construction are scaled drawings. Our wood frame construction plans provides floor plans, exterior and interior elevation plans. Additionally, building section plans. Our construction plans also include structural designed foundation plans, framing plans. We feel it’s also important to provide layout plans and the necessary calcs for electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems for our construction documents.

Contact us today at Myles Nelson McKenzie Design. We would happy to design and develop construction plans for your next custom home project. We are located in Bluffton, South Carolina.

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